Dice games: craps one of the oldest street game

In a game of chance, the outcome is strongly dependent on some randomizing device like a die. Though some element of skill may be involved, chance greatly plays an important role. Dice games are a household favorite. Here is an article about the history of one of the oldest kind of this game; craps

History of Dice Games and Craps


The dice game is the oldest and one of the simplest games; it may be suitable for all ages. In gambling, it is one of the most exciting and popular games and has been played for centuries. It is so old that historians do not know for sure about its discoverer. However, from all that exist, it is safe to say that the dice game came from different cultures at about the same times. Illustrations of the game have been found on Egyptian tombs and ancient Greeks are known to have played the games. Even the Chinese dominoes are considered as a variety of the ancient dice games.

Apart from being a source of entertainment, these games have been used for other purposes like predicting future events and dividing properties. On the other hand, the game of dice is part of the fun of gambling today. While the average person uses standard dice, Casinos use casino dice. The common feature of a die is its cubed shape, marked with one to six dots at each face. Some games played with dice are Craps, Ludo, Dice chess and Yahtzee amongst others.


The most exciting of the games aforementioned is “craps” which can be ‘street” craps or ‘bank” craps. The former doesn’t require a lot of equipment while the latter does. The history of craps like many old casino games, consists of several theories about where and how the game originated. This makes it somewhat difficult to decipher its exact origin. Legend has it that the Roman soldiers invented the game while others believe craps was coined from an Arabic based game called Al Dar, which means “dice”.

The game of craps has long evolved over time from land-based to online, where you can play from anywhere even abroad. Furthermore, if you prefer, you can play craps at top rated online casinos. It is a simple game and maintains basic rules that one can grasp to start playing.

Frequently Asked Questions When Playing Craps

How do I play craps?

In craps, the shooter who is the player will roll two six-sided dice. If a 7 or 11 is rolled then everyone who bets on the pass line, wins and those who bet on the don’t pass line, lose. If they roll a 2.3 or 12, it is known as craps and everyone loses except players that made a bet on don’t pass line.

What are the types of craps bet?

They are a huge number of bets that you will find on the table. For instance, the place bet, buy bet, lay bet, hard way bet and many others.

Do I have to shoot in craps?

No, you don’t have to, although it is one of the most exciting parts of the game, some people do not like the pressure of having to shoot.


Just like any other game, dice games are meant to fun and entertaining, it has some hidden deep probabilistic and mathematical concept. People who do not play can have fun collecting different kinds of dice.